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  1. "Out of the brightness of His presence, bolts of Lightning blazed forth."

  2. - 2 Samuel 22:13

Evangel Christian School Lightning Athletics

  1. Purpose

  2. The purpose of the Evangel Christian School Athletic Program is to provide a challenging and enjoyable sports environment for our students that is distinctively Christian, and that will point them and those who observe them to Christ. It is our hope that striving to please and enjoy God in athletics will be a blessing to our student athletes and their families and will have eternal significance on their lives and the lives of those they in which come into contact.

  3. BulletSchool Colors: Navy and Silver

  4. Nickname: Lightning

  5. Athletics Offerings (click link to contact coach)

  6. Baseball: Ken Letson

  7. Basketball, Boys: Todd Parker

  8. Basketball, Girls: Ken Letson

  9. Cheerleading: Susan Milner

  10. Football: Del Clayton

  11. Softball: Lynn Ray

  12. Volleyball: Caprice Lawrence        

  13. Athletic Committee: James Brown, Johnny Carr, Del Clayton, Dan Ellis, Stewart Motes, Danny Scott, and Carey Sullivan

  14. Athletic Director: Howard O'Neal

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  17. (To learn when a particular sport is offered, and/or when tryouts occur annually, visit Team Sports Schedules.

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