Evangel Christian School FAQs

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  1. Is Evangel Christian School primarily athletics-driven?

  2. Evangel Christian School is not primarily athletics-driven. As home education continues to move forward, Evangel Christian School envisions itself as a leader in every area of educating its students. As athletics provides for many students the opportunity for team building, character development, and competitive enrichment, Evangel Christian School seeks not only to provide athletics for its families but also to do so with excellence.

  3. My children play golf. Is this a possibility at Evangel Christian School? Will Evangel Christian School offer soccer and track?

  4. One of the important elements of the vision of Evangel Christian School is to make use of the gifts of all the families that authorize us to be their home school covering. If there are enough families with similar interests, all sporting activities are a possibility. This is not limited to athletic endeavor. Academics also will reach its fullest potential by each family contributing to the group with their gifts.

  5. Are there tryouts to determine who can play a particular sport?

  6. Some sports require tryouts if the number of interested participants exceeds the optimal level for team management. Traditionally, baseball, basketball, softball, and volleyball are sports that have necessitated tryouts, while football has not.

  7. In what sports league is Evangel Christian School affiliated?

  8. Athletics / History of Conference Involvement

  9. What are the advantages of Evangel Christian School for those not interested in athletics over any other home school covering?

  10. 1. An exciting distinctive of Evangel Christian School is found in its organizational structure. We have been blessed to come under the leadership of an evangelical church body through a unanimous vote of its session. We therefore, have the privilege of having direction of a board nominated by school members and approved by the church, who have the direct oversight of the Evangel Church session to which we provide monthly financial reports and annual complete school progress reports. This is a structure which we believe is Biblical and allows school members to be confident that the school will survive and flourish no matter who administrates it.

  11. 2. Evangel Christian School opens its athletic program to the students of Evangel Classical Christian School (ECCS) and, correspondingly, ECCS opens its classes to ECS students.

  12. 3. We encourage home education as an opportunity to transform the culture for Christ. We encourage involvement with the local community through leadership, service, and creative activities and desire to be salt and light.

  13. 4. We have year round regularly scheduled office hours. Our administrative staff is committed to serving the individual family as well as the group as a whole. We will schedule individual guidance counseling meetings by request and will provide regular optional group meetings related to various topics.

Requirements (Academic and Enrollment)

  1. How much guidance or control does Evangel Christian School have over my academic studies?

  2. The school will provide encouragement and guidance in whatever academic endeavors Evangel Christian School families require and will aid and instruct the parent in meeting required state and federal standards for education.

  3. Must both parents agree to Evangel Christian School’s Statement of Faith in order to be admitted?

  4. Currently, the stance of Evangel Christian School is that only one parent is required to commit to these standards. This is, however, subject to Board revision.

  5. Is testing required?

  6. Testing will be required for all students in grades 6, 8, and 10. It is a goal of Evangel Christian School to hold athletes to high academic standards. As a means of demonstrating this goal and being above reproach from schools in which we engage in athletic competition, testing will also be required for athletes during each year in which they participate in any sport.

  7. How many days/school year does the child need to attend?

  8. The board, mindful of the vision of the school, the best interests of the student’s long-term education and state law, will determine this. Our current requirement is 175 days.

  9. What are the record-keeping responsibilities of the parents?

  10. The curriculum choice(s) will be submitted in writing by the parent/teacher at the beginning of the school year with attendance and grades submitted to the office at the end of each semester. It is recommended that parent/teachers utilize the overview of material and lesson planning as a means to assist in the completion of the educational goals of their children/students.

  11. What is considered an “A” grade?

  12. With an eye toward keeping standards high but manageable, an “A” will be measured as 90-100%.


  1. Are the costs such as registration fees and tuition designed to support athletics? If not, for what are these fees used?

  2. The fees paid to Evangel Christian School are directly applied to the operational costs of the school to support and maintain our facilities and cover all administrative costs including the salaries of a full-time administrator, and part-time guidance counselor and bookkeeper, along with operational costs, office equipment, mailings, supplies, services, and facilities usage fees. 

  3. Is the fee for taking classes through Evangel Tutorials be reduced for Evangel Christian School members?

  4. The Evangel Tutorials Program is one of those many benefits offered to Evangel Christian School Families. Therefore, the fees for participation in those services will be greatly discounted to Evangel Christian School members.

  5. Is a fee charged for transcripts or letters of recommendation?

  6. Costs will always be kept as low as possible while addressing the administrative costs of such services. As of now, this service is offered at no additional cost.

Social / Enrichment Activities and Opportunities

  1. Are there field trips?

  2. Yes. We consider field trips to be an invaluable part of the educational process and development of community and we will encourage them. We will make as many suggestions as possible and help in the facilitation of as many as parents deem valuable.

  3. What classes, social activities, sports, cheerleading opportunities, etc. are offered through the school?

  4. Evangel Christian School is set up to offer as many activities as the Board allows, the funding can adequately compensate, and the parents decide are valuable. See all the Services Provided by Evangel Christian School.

  5. Is there a prom?

  6. Yes. God has raised up a group of interested families who have, under close Board direction and with prayerful and willing spirits, dedicated themselves to producing a Junior/Senior Prom that glorifies God and enables us to enjoy Him as we fellowship together in this setting.

  7. In light of wanting to provide organizations and opportunities recognized by colleges and the community does Evangel Christian School provide Honor Society?

  8. Yes. Evangel Christian School is now a recognized Chapter of the National Christian Homeschool Honor Society.

More Good Questions

  1. What are the qualifications of the administrators?

  2. Bill and Sandy Snuggs have been uniquely blessed by God to be able to work well together. This is an ongoing part of their relationship and one in which they take great pleasure. They demonstrate love and respect for each other on a very deep level.

  3. Bill:

  4. B.A., Covenant College in Biblical Studies, Education and Sociology (Interdisciplinary Studies)

  5. Skilled management professional with over 14 years of combined experience in multi-unit management, operations, staff administration, retail sales, and financial controls with consistent contributions to business growth and profits

  6. Strong administrative and leadership capabilities with recognized strengths in staff recruiting, training, and developing; successfully motivate staff in achieving optimum performance standards

  7. A multi-site operations director with demonstrated abilities in developing and maintaining strong, profitable, and professional relationships with staff, management, and the public at all functional levels.

  8. As a District Manager with one of the nation’s largest retail chains, directed the complete operational aspects of 11 retail stores throughout Alabama and Mississippi with hands-on responsibility for retail sales, marketing, merchandising,promotional/event planning, inventory management, and financial controls

  9. Has coached baseball and football at the youth, jr. high, and high school levels for 12 years with success at each level

  10. A clear and distinct calling from God to this position, leading to an excitement and commitment to facilitating and enabling families to home educate in a way that fits with God’s leading in their lives 

  11. Sandy:

  12. B.A., Covenant College in Elementary education; Senior Class President, Senior Class Commencement Speaker, Teacher’s Aide

  13. Elementary School Teacher, 1983 to 1989, Chattanooga Christian School, Teacher of the Year Nominee

  14. Developed and implemented 2nd Grade Science and Social Studies Curriculum at Chattanooga Christian School

  15. Home schooled her three children (all of whom are now Evangel Christian School graduates and attending college) for the 12 years of their formal education. Individual tutoring of additional students in Reading and Math grades 2-7

  16. Support and constant encouragement to her husband and children (Proverbs 31:28)

  17. What is the long-term commitment of the administrators?

  18. God has given the administrators a clear calling to this position. However, it is important to remember that the structure of the school is such that should the administration change for any reason, the school will continue to be fully functional.

  19. Administratively, is the school open year-round?

  20. Yes. Office hours

  21. How can we pray for this endeavor?

  22. Please know how much we appreciate that you pray God would continue to show His hand in such a way through Evangel Christian School, that Jesus might receive all the glory.

  23. Specifically, please join us in praying that God would raise up permanent athletic facilities. Through the years, God has so richly blessed us through the generosity and willingness of others to allow usage of their facilities, either at no cost or through rental fees. Some of these we would like to thank have included the following churches, schools, and public institutions:

  24. Briarwood Christian School

  25. Hoover Parks and Recreation

  26. Mountain Brook Community Church

  27. Pelham High School

  28. Samford University

  29. Shades Mountain Christian School

  30. South Shades Crest Baptist Church

  31. However, despite the fact that God continues to provide these places for us to conduct all our activities, we continue to seek the fulfillment of our mission, which includes the provision of our own athletic facilities. We believe that such a blessing will enable us to grow and provide the highest quality athletics programs for home school families, while also allowing us to not be a burden on others, and to open up our facilities to those who might be in our position of needing facilities themselves. If God lays it on your heart, to help provide the means or ideas to fulfill this goal, feel free to contact our Athletic Director.

  32. Are mission efforts or trips a possibility?

  33. Certainly. Although missions were not an area adopted by the steering committee as part of the school mission, if there is a specific need and a logical tie-in to the educational needs of families, this is something that would be thoroughly reviewed by the board and a response provided.

  34. What makes the character of academic and athletic pursuits different from other groups so that they stand out as bringing honor and glory to God?

  35. One of our goals, in all we do, will be the pursuit of excellence in accordance with Scripture. “Whatever you do-whether you eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.” We believe the pursuit of excellence, for its own merit, seeks to glorify man. But as we seek to glorify God through all we do and say, we believe He will bless our efforts and glorify Himself. It is our prayer and vision that He uses us to extend His Kingdom.

  36. Are the school facilities available for evening classes, i.e. co-op situations?

  37. Yes. Evangel Church has adopted us as a school wholeheartedly. Therefore, while we will coordinate activities with the church, the facilities will be available if there is no conflicting previously scheduled event, providing we will be able to provide supervision in accordance with church and school policy.

  38. How does ECS inform students and parents about activities?

  39. Students will be informed of activities through electronic means. It is mandatory that each family has an email address that they have provided to Evangel Christian School administration, and that they check it routinely in order to stay abreast of the many activities and updates which Evangel Christian School provides.

  40. We publish an email newsletter (Lightning Ledger), so look forward to receiving that, as your means of staying apprised of everything that’s going on with ECS. subscribe to the Lightning Ledger.

  41. Additionally, we have developed a very strong Facebook presence, and we use this media to provide time-sensitive information and updates. If you have a Facebook account, please ‘friend' "Ecs Lightning’ and/or become a fan of our page, "Evangel Christian School (Home of the Lightning)". If you don't have a Facebook account, you can still become a fan of our page and get updates. You can also find us on InstagramTwitter and YouTube

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