Evangel Christian School Services Offered


  1. High school and junior high interscholastic and cheerleading

  2. Our own modern athletic facilities

  3. Homecoming activities including dance

  4. Pep Rallies

Classes Offered on campus

  1. High School Classes through ECS Tutorials Program

  2. K-12 Classes through Evangel Classical Christian School

Extracurricular & Enhancement Opportunities

  1. Clubs

  2. Key Club

  3. National Homeschool Honor Society

  4. Dances

  5. Homecoming

  6. Prom

  7. Field Trips

  8. High School Graduation Ceremony

  9. Newsletter and regular updates providing additional local and regional opportunities for educational, recreational, and other extracurricular involvement

  10. Prom

  11. Senior Banquet

  12. Sports Banquet

  13. Student Government

  14. Used Book & Curriculum Sales (two annually)

  15. Yearbook

Ministry opportunities

  1. To serve Christ in practical ways, at ECS, and in our community, through our Key Club and other volunteer opportunities.

Guidance Counseling

  1. Assisting families in attaining their student-specific needs and goals

  2. Assisting families with college admission and scholarships


  1. Explore, PLAN, PSAT, SAT10/OLSAT, and AP testing on campus

  2. Comparative group ACT/SAT scores made available

  1. BulletServices Offered