Evangel Christian School Testimonials

  1. “We are so grateful for the many hours you have already given to our family and we are very excited about how the Lord will use our school to prepare our children for Kingdom work.”

  2. -parents of 4 graduates, 2004

  3. “(We) have been richly blessed by homeschooling our children. The knowledge they have gained this past year has been enormous. The friendships we have made with other homeschooling families are priceless. (Our children) have thoroughly enjoyed going on field trips with their friends and they look forward to the fieldtrips they will participate in the next school year.”

  4. -mother of 2 elementary school students, 2004

  5. “…like most blessings, I tend to take for granted things like:

  6. Prompt and courteous help, support, and instruction of the administration of our school

  7. The love the coaching staffs have displayed, (about their players and about their sport)

  8. The fact my kids can have so many friends that are not pressured by this world’s evil but are watched and instructed by those who desire to please God

  9. Just being around so many who pull together to make home schooling a success

  10. Being a part of education of my kids that public schools cannot offer

  11. Seeing people work for the love and not for the money

  12. Meeting and having the opportunity discuss things with dozens of people that have a common bond

  13. Seeing other kids grow and graduate and knowing they will be good solid husbands, wives, and citizens

  14. I began coaching 4 years ago a junior high team. This year several of the girls I coached then graduated. I (am) not sure how to put into words but this has been a blessing to me.

  15. As a coach; the encouragement from so many, even though I made several mistakes

  16. Thanks again for all ya’ll do,”

  17. -father of 3 graduates, 2004

  18. “I just wanted to tell you some wonderful comments and emotions that (we) overheard/felt from family members attending graduation. We had several family members that don't know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ there. The ceremony was Christ centered and God honoring. What a blessing to be there. The students truly "stepped up to the plate" in the comments made during the video presentation. "Are they really that focused on their spiritual life?” was just one of many comments made. Several family members that are not close to (our son) cried the entire ceremony, because of the heartfelt things that were said by our students. How wonderful, to think that our graduation may have planted the seeds of salvation into many hearts! It made them question the rearing of their own children and question the world's point of view in child rearing. ECS made a clear and precise statement "Christ centered-God honoring" education for our children that comes first and foremost in our lives. We, parents, have no perfect situation, BUT our Savior is perfect and He is leading all of us through this challenging time in our lives of educating our children. Thanks for reading this, I just wanted you to know the positive impact you made through the Lord. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into your charge to the seniors, it was truly awesome and challenging to them. May the Lord richly bless you! In Christ,”

  19. -mother of 2 graduates and 1 student, 2004

  20. “Evangel Christian School has helped me and my husband see what a blessing homeschooling could be. We have made some wonderful new friends and look forward to the upcoming school year.”

  21. -mother of 1 student / first-time homeschoolers / previously in public school, 2005

  22. “Thank you for all you’ve done for us the past school year.”

  23. -mother of 1 graduate / previously in public school, 2004

  24. “…(We) wanted to let you know how very much we have appreciated you especially for your understanding, your leadership, (and) your support during this past year. (Our son) enjoyed playing baseball again for the first time in a few years because of your Godly character and it was truly a blessing not to have to deal with coaches that do not have the boys’ best interest at heart... Thank you again for being a man of God and being an awesome example for him. (Our son) has made some wonderful friends through Evangel and hopes to continue those friendships for years to come.”

  25. -mother of 1 graduate, 2005

  1. “We have been so blessed by the Tutorials program! Many thanks to all the teachers who have given of their time, talent and knowledge for the benefit of our children.”

  2. -parents of 3 graduates, 2004

  1. “(Our) family has been greatly blessed by being a part of Evangel Christian School. The tutorial classes have been wonderful, and (our daughter) has learned so much from her teachers - Sallie, Cindy, and Jenny - from what they have taught and from their examples as Godly women. She has enjoyed being with old friends and making new friends. We are especially thankful for Bill and Sandy and all they do. They serve the Lord in this area with great joy and love.”

  2. -parents of 1 graduate, 2004

  1. “If it were not for the high standard established in the beginning for cheerleaders, my daughter would not have chosen to participate and this has been a true desire of hers since she was small. Thank you and we pray that that high standard will be maintained throughout this next year.”

  2. -mother of 2 graduates, 2004

  1. “(Our) family has truly been blessed through our enrollment with ECS. The children have made new friends through the field trips; I have been encouraged, uplifted and generally bolstered by the new friendships we have with ECS families. It is such a blessing to be among Christians who are raising their children with the same standards and Christian perspective we have. When we are with ECS families, I know that the other parents will help discipline, guide and instruct my children. I have seen my children truly grow in their faith and blossom socially this past year and some of that has definitely been due to the Christian friends they now have in their lives. “

  2.  -mother of 2 students, 2005

  1. ”Thanks....we have been blessed by genuine encouragement from both of you...and obvious concern for our family...”

  2. -parents of 3 students, 2004

  1. ”It is a blessing to have our church family be a part of our school family, to know that our home-based schooling is prayed over by so many people, and to be a part of the Tutorials program, which prepares our children for college.”

  2. -parents of 3 graduates, 2005

  1. ”…it has been a great year for us and of course with ups and downs. I'm not sure I'm their best teacher. They are more motivated for their classes than I with the exception of math am. But I do feel much more confident this year. Our family has become much closer. We're more involved in their relationships. They have enjoyed being away from so much of the peer pressure. I wouldn't even have considered homeschooling without the classes. I've loved not having to learn Physical Science or Biology. And Sallie's writing class has been a wonderful precursor to college...both (of our daughters) prefer the Spanish classes to tapes at home...You have both done a wonderful job heading up the homeschool. I can't even imagine the amount of work you have to do. Thanks so much for doing this.”

  2.  -mother of 2 graduates, 2005

  1. “…We couldn't make it without you guys...We were blessed by knowing such Godly, friendly, people. Bill and Sandy, you were always there to help in any way. With Our Thanks, Blessings, and Love,"

  2. -parents of 1 graduate, 2004

  1. ”… I feel honored to have my son in your school. Please contact me if I can help in any way. The web site looks great! You are doing such a great job! I will keep you in my prayers… I want to support Evangel in the fullest. You are such a blessing to my family. We appreciate all that you do…I love the emails that you forward. It really helps keep us in touch. A year and a half ago you forwarded an email ...about a goat club meeting. We went to that meeting and now (our son) has a goat business with 35 goats and the (other participants) have become great friends.”

  2. -mother of 1 student, 2004

  1. “We are blessed in having a facility to use where our children can gather with other students. We are blessed with a great tutorial school that allows for interaction with their peers as well as the responsibility to learn and meet the requirements of another teacher besides their mom. Lastly, we are thankful for a great supportive staff in Bill and Sandy. I don't think I call or e-mail very often (I hope not!), but when I do, they are always patient with me and answer my questions promptly. Love,”

  2. -mother of 2 graduates, 2004

  1. “…The relationship we have through ECS has truly been a blessing from GOD...GOD supplied through ECS what His Will was for us, an awesome homeschool…We searched many home school groups but never felt that was where we were being lead until we came upon ECS…One of the home school(s) we inquired, we were told "No" and turned away because I was Catholic. I was so distraught that a "Christian" home school would turn someone away because of their "Christian" religion. ECS welcomed us into their family regardless of race or religion - by the way, I call myself a Christian…There came a time shortly after the school year began that we weren't sure we could do this and were ready to put the kids back into public school. GOD'S guidance through the wonderful friends that we have made at ECS kept us on the path that He had laid out for us…We have learned that He does everything with a purpose. Although we may not always know or even understand we trust him in everything for He has a purpose for everything…Being new to the home schooling way of life we were very unsure of what was expected of us and what we were to do. We had so many questions and many fears of failing our children…Bill and Sandy Snuggs along with many ECS families have been so supportive and encouraging. They have sat and listened to all our questions, answering so many of them. Most of all the prayers of support and love…ECS doesn't give up and doesn't know the word quit when GOD tells them to do something, proof being they didn't give up on us, even when we were ready to give up on home schooling…A lot of discipline was needed to change from our old ways to the new ways of life that GOD had set in our path. ECS has been from the start every step of the way…Our family has devoted our lives to GOD. Although we have typically normal children we have seen such a change in their lives and a devotion as never before…We never could imagined the support, friends and learning that we have experienced through ECS it has been more than we had ever hoped for…Truly ECS and everyone involved is a fulfillment of a promise from GOD…ECS has become our home, a home of love, support, encouragement and security…ECS offers just as much as any school does but there is so much more that they offer. They are a fortress to bring our children up in a way that is pleasing to GOD. We use (d) to concern ourselves with our children's college fund relating to their future, GOD has shown us that our investments are to be in their spiritual fund relating to their eternity! Thank you for all you do! We thank GOD for you!

  2. -mother of 1 graduate and 1 student, 2005

  1. ”…Thank you so much for all that you have done to make our first year with Evangel a wonderful experience.

  2. 1) We are thankful for the friendships (our children) have made.

  3. 2) We are thankful for the Tutorial classes that have added to (our son's) educational experience.

  4. 3) We are thankful for the help and assistance that has been given by staff and fellow Evangel families as we began this year.

  5. 4) We are thankful for the informative way Evangel communicates in order to keep us up to date on current issues.

  6. Thank you again for a wonderful first year with you guys. We look forward to many more to come!”

  7. -mother of 1 graduate and 1 student, 2005

  1. “Our opportunity to homeschool under the covering of Evangel Presbyterian Church has been an absolute tremendous blessing to our family. Under the leadership of Bill and Sandy Snuggs, we feel our children have benefited from sound Bible based academic opportunities as well as the opportunity to participate in sports. We have witnessed true spiritual guidance from the Snuggs in the area of educating our children and have found every avenue of this ministry to be aligned with the character and integrity of God's Word. Our heartfelt decision to homeschool our children has been made possible through the obedience of this church and wonderful leadership. We are truly blessed and most thankful for our school.”

  2.  -parents of 2 graduates and 1 student, 2004

  1. “The privilege of being able to educate our children in the things we feel are so important, teaching them science and history from God's perspective, and joining with them in daily Bible study are all "perks" of homeschooling that are very important to us. At the same time that we can give them this educational setting, ECS has provided the opportunity to participate in sports, cheerleading, clubs, honor society, etc, and EVERYTHING that ECS does, it does First Class! Getting to know the Snuggs family and other ECS families has been such a joy, and having the support network that ECS provides is so awesome. In particular, the two of you are amazing in your commitment to our school and in your tireless efforts on its behalf. You both are a joy to be around, and we count it a privilege to call you friends! Thanks for ALL that y'all do.”

  2. -parents of 3 graduates, 2004

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